About Us

A.SEPT company is a large manufacturer of a new generation of antiseptics and cleaning agents for home and professional usage. Our mission is to protect the health and safety of our customers using innovative technologies in the cleaning industry.

A.SEPT Products include:
- hand antiseptic (gel, spray);
- antibacterial agents for personal hygiene (soap, hand and body foam);
- antibacterial products for your home and family (washing powders for all types of laundry that don’t contain phosphates, cleaning agents for the whole household);
- professional cleaning agents for your business.

Our products are made from the best quality European materials using our unique formula Septima, which provides effective antibacterial protection and extremely safe. A.SEPT products contain only natural components with no chlorine, phosphates,parabens, aldehydes or other harmful compounds. We take care of you and your family!

A.SEPT - cleaning products of the future!


We are specialized in

Health care


Our company produces detergents for all areas of your home! All components of our products are safe and health-friendly.


Our first mission is to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses on your skin and also in your home! So we found such antibacterial cleaning supplies that kills 99.9% known bacteria.


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